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When flash player goes down next year in Dec does that mean no browser games will be playable. 


Only web browser games that require it. But no, when flash goes down Browser games on will still be playable.

Such an interesting experience, great atmosphere. I used this as the background music:, it felt really good for some reason.


hey I wanted to try playing this because it seem really cool but, this font is really not dyslexia friendly. Reading was just to hard and I couldn't get further than five minutes, so for future games you might want to look into that.

Kadabura, is this game entirely your creation?  Artwork too?


The art, writing, and mostly-functional scripting were all done by my hand, yes! A few details were inspired by my twitch chat (like the player being able to wear the hat, for example), but there wasn't any team beyond myself working on Soul Void!


Fuck... I really didn't know what to think of this at first. I didn't know if I wanted to continue but I did. And I'm very glad that I did. Please, if you have the time, play this game. I'm a very emotional person so this made me cry haha. that's the music I used about an hour into the game through the end, and this what I used for the beginning. 


I wish I could give this 5 stars a hundred times over. This was beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Hi there! I'm playing the game through a second time to get the best ending, and I'm trying to go back to give the Bee Teeth Dude his bees, but every time I head through the vine gate it just sends me right back to Blood Town. Is this a glitch or am I self-sabotaging, or is there something I need to do first? The first play-through I assumed it was so I couldn't turn back, but now that I'm looking at the walkthrough I'm wondering HOW I'm supposed to turn back if it's impossible?

The vine gate will always send you to the blood area! When you leave the blood cave and pop out of the vine gate, keep going down; that'll take you back to the mouth maze ;)

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hey! i've been enjoying this so far - really love the art & the aesthetic!! great job!!! -  but i've run into a couple of issues.

i think the yes/no box blanked out for the void flower behind the museum so i can't pick it up, & same for the yes/no for going in the vein tube, so i can't use that either. 
also, i did pick up the seeker's hat, but the npc at the beginning of the nice field says i don't have the hat. 

if it helps, i'm playing in chrome on windows 10! 

Thanks and also Im sorry you ran into trouble! I've updated the game so that the second void flower, the vein tube, and even speed runner sam for the comment below no longer require the yes/no dialogue option.

And that also blows my theory that the yes/no bug was a mac-only issue; Im absolutely tearing my hair out trying to figure out why it's happening lol. Thank you for your report!

(The hat one tho is the first Ive heard of it, unfortunately. The best I can currently offer is trying again on a fresh game, if you feel up for it.)

Hi, unfortunately I can't really progress past the mouth maze, I tried to look at some video lets plays, and I seem to be missing the dialogue options :( I can't ask for a tooth nor agree to speedrunner sam's deal.

oh no, Im really sorry to hear that! I'm guessing it was the yes/no dialogue box that blanked out? I'm still not sure what's causing that to happen, but if you could let me know what OS/browser you were playing in, I'd appreciate it (I've yet to be able to reproduce this bug myself, which is making it quite difficult to fix haha)

oh, I'm sorry for the late reply! I was using google chrome, hope it helps. I'll try to play the game again on a different browser when I have time, because I enjoyed it very much! thank you for your amazing work!


This was amazing! For anyone wanting to try GB Studio I make tutorials..

I just had a few questions about the program and was wondering if you know...

Does GBStudio allow your player to do mini actions such as Jumping, Shooting lasers, Swiping swords, and changing appearance/transforming? I wasn’t sure if the events within GBStudio allow for the Player to do this due to me being so new to it. 


You can transform (change sprite sheet) very easily but the other stuff is harder.  Its not meant for making a game like Zelda. But there are plenty of fun games you can make. 

The script that displays before I play, does this show the full game? It seems much different than what I expected. I could prolly find a work around to have my character fight, but I can’t figure out the source to do so? 

Also, does the game allow you to walk through bushes sorta like Pokemon does? Like... it hides your character and tumbles the bushes around a little.

Hey Peter, I saw your pixelart on Twitter and love it!

We're a group of developers for ChronoCraft(TimeTravel MMO-RPG) soon to release for alpha. Here's some of our work:

We're looking for an artist to make skins and textures. I want your talent at ChronoCraft.

This would be a for-profit project. I would love to speak with you


The art is amazing in this game. Love the details. Love the aesthetic. Love the Husk

uhhh is it just me or is this game broken? i got thru like 3 screens, nothing was interactable, then i reach this monster going  gyee hee hee hee! and i can't do anything lmao like you can't click, hit space, nothing. from every other comment i'm assuming this isn't what the game actually is or is supposed to be.

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Have you tried using the Z or J key to interact/progress dialogue, or is that also not working? (I'm not sure what else could be interfering with the interactions!)


i missed that somehow in the beginning, my bad! it does work with those keys. 

Awesome game with some really cutting and relatable themes and awesome pixel art. Really loved the character design, especially The Husk.


So let me explain....No there's to much to explain, let me sum up. HOLY CRAP! This game is amazing each character in this world has their own personality. Each one is memorable and have their own little charm. I think what I like the best is when you come across a NPC that looks creepy if not terrifying, but as soon as you talk to them they immediately become human, real, and are no longer scary. The world building is incredible after playing the game I found myself wanting to learn more about the world of the VOID. The art for this game is so perfect too, the style compliments the mood so well for this game. The only complaint I have for this absolute gem of a game is the lack of music.  This complaint  however can simply be remedied by google searching for " 2hrs. of Creepy Music" and then choose one of the following plethora of Creepy-pasta reading accompaniments.  I would love to be able to download this game, but until then you can bet that I have this game page bookmarked for later replaying.

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Everything about this is incredibly cool! The art, the world, the characters, the story + themes, all of it. It definitely feels like it has shades of OFF, Yume Nikki, and Anodyne, and I mean that in a very positive way.

I played through with a selection of music from the OFF and Anydone OSTs in the background and it actually fit remarkably well. In case anyone else wants to try it, here's my unofficial soundtrack:

Playlist Version:

1. Title - Anodyne (Anodyne)
2. Greeter - Nexus (Anodyne)
3. Swamp - Sea (Anodyne)
4. Eyes - Silencio (OFF)
5. Flowers - Beach (Anodyne)
6. Grim - Front Gate (OFF)
7. Dark - Not Safe (OFF)
8. Town - Rainy Day (in) (OFF)
9. Mayor - Burned Bodies (OFF)
10. Vines - Space (Anodyne)
11. Seeker - Empty Warehouse (in) (OFF)
12. Outpost - Today is worst (OFF)
13. Teeth - Clockwork (OFF)
14. Mirror - Suburb (Anodyne)
15. Waiting - Some rudiments of propriety (OFF)
16. Husk - Gray Pencil (OFF)
17. Watchers - Woods (Anodyne)
18. Field - Forest (Anodyne)
19. Museum - Soft (Anodyne)
20. Bridge - Pre Front Gate (OFF)
21. Leech - Simmer (Anodyne)
22. Doors - Terminal (Anodyne)
23. Collapse - Older Terminal (Anodyne)
24. Confrontation - Red (Anodyne)
25. Return - Old Terminal (Anodyne)
26. Home - Reminiscences (Nov 2012 Video) (Anodyne)
27. End - Friend (Anodyne)

(The OFF OST is by Alias Conrad Coldwood, while the Anodyne OST is by Sean Han Tani and can be found here

do you think you could compile a playlist of these on youtube ?

Sure! It won't really sync up to gameplay, but here you go:


This was so lovely, I really appreciate the artwork and the "hidden" messages. I related the most with the scarecrow because he was scared that his art wasn't good enough and, as an artist, I often feel this way. When the main character comforted him, she comforted me as well. Thank you!


I just finished this game and the NPCs are so cool! Honestly? The designs for The Husk, The Waiting, THE SEEKER!!! I love them all so much!!! The art and the use of colours and just..........I'm speechless

The story's amazing and it Did Things(tm) to my heart. Thank you for making this and sharing it!!


Hey, thank you for making this! I think it's awesome to face some real problems also in a simulation. Your Game did something good to me, it's great!

very cool game with interesting characters and relatable concepts, i was enjoying it but i'm stuck in the gliching rooms now QWQ

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This reminded me of other games like Anodyne and OFF.

Very much enjoyed playing this.

I grabbed the ROM (from devtools) and put it on my phone, since I have one of those hyperkin Gameboy controllers/readers and this is like some gb studio games in that I can't play on mobile web because it keeps telling me to rotate my phone...

Fixing the mobile edition and/or offering the ROM normally might be nice.


This was one hell of an intense, gorgeous experience ^.^ I'm very glad I played

The pixel art is SOOOooo GOOD omg !

I love this game so much! My only thing is I think it would've been cute if in the mirror you could see the character in the hat, if you were wearing it. I suppose it might take away from the atmosphere... ANYWAY! I loved this game so much! From the art to the plot to all of it! 10/10 would recommend :D

made an account just to comment lmao


holy crackers dude this was wild! i love everything about this game, from the art to the story to the characters- god, i love this whole thing.

thank you a whole bunch for creating this, it was an absolutely beautiful experience and i'm very glad there are people like you out here making amazing content like this. 

this was a breathtaking experience and i look forward to seeing more content from you!

This game looks really cool. the art is great and feels really otherworldly. A little music and sound effects would send it over the top.

This was so nice; I really enjoyed my short time visiting the void. The artwork is wonderful, and the characters were charming.

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...Wow. That was an experience. I gotta say, I wasn't expecting anything like this when I went in.

I thought it would be a quick game with a bit of a creepy atmosphere, maybe a bit of existentialism, and a lot of stylized art. I was not prepared for an emotional rollercoaster discussing the fears humans face and how it can shape our very perceptions of reality, filled with intriguing  characters and diverse personalities.

I don't really know how to best describe this game. I guess it is a bit of Undertale, OneShot, Yume Nikki, and a sprinkling of Toilet in Wonderland all ground up together and made into one strange dish, but even that doesn't do it justice.

If you want to spend 2 - 4 hours of your life playing something delightfully, distressingly strange, then this is the game for you. I give the game my unofficial seal of approval.

This game looks gorgeous!

OH HEY, IT'S YOU, I wrote like half this comment before checking the guide and realizing who made the game, haha... so good to see you actually getting your design-work into playable format.


whooa boy, that was an experience... and a good one too! I'm going to give it a ~full review~ because it's a proof of concept??? 

Overall, a very nice mix of Yumi-Nikki type surrealism and narrative gameplay. The limited pallet is used to good effect, with judicious use of color distributions in different areas that substantially contribute to difference in atmosphere. The art is fantastic.

The very first zone (pre-town) could do with a bit more "gameplay" to it - the stage it sets doesn't clue the player in to the idea that the game is more than pretty pictures alone. Having some sort of useless pick-up-able (a piece of crumpled-up paper??? Something that forshadows a later important character?)  would probably fix that. (You have a preexisting reputation for quality work, which prevents this somewhat, but from a creator who's less well-known people might set down the game there assuming it's a walking sim, and people who were expecting a walk-and-talk sim will get confused when there's actual gameplay.)

few of the setpieces (for example, the three faceless people/women(?) in the last of the promo shots) feel like they should have a little more interactivity/respond to advancement of gameplay in some way and do not, and it's not always clear what objects are interactable and what are not, which left me wishing for filler dialogue, even if it was relatively generic ("a desk", "a table", "a chair", etc.) 

Onto things that were dictated by platform limitations:

Character walksprite animates too slow, makes it look like she's gliding everywhere. (This is one of those "tiny detail, big impact" type things to check on when you're working with an engine that lets you control it, which GB Studio, afaik..... does not.)

Item menus are nice, and I found myself missing them a little.

The 4-color aesthetic is fantastic for this, a perfect fit for that lo-fi horror vibe, and that you were able to make the areas visually distinct beyond just subject matter is... A+, good art. However, I think the game could be improved without inherently altering any of the pixelwork if it were re-rendered in an engine that lets you switch between sets of colors between, even with very, very subtle changes in hsv between the different zones.

Audio: GB Studio has some ridiculous standards for what you can put into it, and between that and, y'know, the huge time-sink of actually composing tracks (hahaaaa, I've programmed a whole unpublished game and stalled out there.....), it's obvious why you didn't add it for a proof-of-concept. 

If, at some point, you decide to revisit and tweak this game concept in an engine that supports sane audio formats: tracks that are just subtle bg noises (as appropriate for the zone) + faint noise (different varieties from white/pink/etc and pitches in different areas) plus perhaps chords fading in and out would fulfill that "hey, this feels like there should be sound" need without taking ridiculously long to put together. (I would probably fade them out for the closeup shots to give them emphasis, but that's ultimately an artistic choice)

An idea, from me to you:

This game is a perfect size and level of complexity to port to other engines as a learning tool, and I, as a consumer, would love to see you do that, just to see what changes you make! 

There's a temptation to make a whole new proof-of-concept game every time you test a new engine... don't do it. Better to do something fast and a little sloppy with a net of interactions you already understand before you're actually trying to program a new thing "from scratch."

Platforms to consider:

  • yo, someone who isn't kadabura, buy kadabura an RPGMaker MV key next time it's on sale. RPGMaker kinda sucks, but it also has all the capacities of GBMaker minus some of the limitations, so you can choose what limitations you want to set.
  • PM me and I can give you a copy of the installer for the old, free version of Gamemaker.
  • is overfeatured, but an introduction to somewhat more complicated programming without being wildly awful for beginners

ANYWAY, 10/10 amazing proof of concept with awesome art, a sweet story, and compelling characters. Can't wait to see what you do next!


I remember seeing your art on tumblr, keep up the good work!

question, are you gonna make any more games? i've seen something with these characters, a bee demon? two beings named Cherish and Perish? something about scrying??? i don't know, what i DO know is that i fucking love this game, i love the surreal feeling, i love the design, i love the art, i love the story, its all so good!! a perfect blend of darkness, surrealism, macabre and juuuust challenging enough that it keeps you thinking but not hard enough for you to quit (if you do, you always come back). i n e e d more of your games please!! maybe something downloadable so i can keep it on hand constantly, i dunno. sorry for commenting here btw, i dunno how to message on your profile or PM you (then again i'm very new)

This was a really nice play, it had an Undertale vibe with the upbeat ending. I think the pixel art in specific was really well-done, especially during the final sequence. Great work, excited to see more games from you.


This game was very good.  it's not at all what I was expecting.  I liked how almost nothing in this game was out to get you.  You were all trying to work together in this cosmic horror game, and I think it all came together very well.  Thanks for making such an awesome game!  

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help, for some reason the nervous soul won't take the damn void flower no matter what i've tried; refreshing the page, going back and forth, not talking to anyone except the nervous soul and then directly to the girl to get the flower and then directly back, doing it before i did the ring quest, doing it after, it doesn't matter and it doesn't change. i can't progress because of this

The void flower is meant for a soul later on in the game, not the nervous one in the beginning ;) Keep going until you find a soul that wishes they felt pretty!

how odd
the guide said to offer the flower to the nervous soul in the first frames of darkness
alright! thank you!

Very cool game. I got stuck at collecting teeth. Made a video here: 

This was really great, thank you so much for making this and sharing it with us. As someone with depression this game spoke a lot to me. I really liked the theme of hope and moving forward despite everything. Not just the messages but also the detail and quality of the art made it super immersive. I can tell this project means a lot to you and it means a lot to us too. Thank you again for sharing

This game really is great.  It really speaks to that inner critic we all have, and how true depression can hinder progress.  

I almost cried at the end. lol

This game was absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for creating it. It's right up my alley as someone who's very into the psychological horror type of stuff, and the lessons that it taught didn't feel like a lecture but rather like a positive reminder. Like learning without realizing you're learning.

Good job, and good luck on future projects! If they're all as endearing and gripping as this one, you have a great future ahead of you. :)

Like it. Nice work! Colour palette is pretty cool.

WoW !!!

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