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The pixel art is SOOOooo GOOD omg !

I love this game so much! My only thing is I think it would've been cute if in the mirror you could see the character in the hat, if you were wearing it. I suppose it might take away from the atmosphere... ANYWAY! I loved this game so much! From the art to the plot to all of it! 10/10 would recommend :D

made an account just to comment lmao


holy crackers dude this was wild! i love everything about this game, from the art to the story to the characters- god, i love this whole thing.

thank you a whole bunch for creating this, it was an absolutely beautiful experience and i'm very glad there are people like you out here making amazing content like this. 

this was a breathtaking experience and i look forward to seeing more content from you!

This game looks really cool. the art is great and feels really otherworldly. A little music and sound effects would send it over the top.

This was so nice; I really enjoyed my short time visiting the void. The artwork is wonderful, and the characters were charming.

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...Wow. That was an experience. I gotta say, I wasn't expecting anything like this when I went in.

I thought it would be a quick game with a bit of a creepy atmosphere, maybe a bit of existentialism, and a lot of stylized art. I was not prepared for an emotional rollercoaster discussing the fears humans face and how it can shape our very perceptions of reality, filled with intriguing  characters and diverse personalities.

I don't really know how to best describe this game. I guess it is a bit of Undertale, OneShot, Yume Nikki, and a sprinkling of Toilet in Wonderland all ground up together and made into one strange dish, but even that doesn't do it justice.

If you want to spend 2 - 4 hours of your life playing something delightfully, distressingly strange, then this is the game for you. I give the game my unofficial seal of approval.

This game looks gorgeous!

OH HEY, IT'S YOU, I wrote like half this comment before checking the guide and realizing who made the game, haha... so good to see you actually getting your design-work into playable format.


whooa boy, that was an experience... and a good one too! I'm going to give it a ~full review~ because it's a proof of concept??? 

Overall, a very nice mix of Yumi-Nikki type surrealism and narrative gameplay. The limited pallet is used to good effect, with judicious use of color distributions in different areas that substantially contribute to difference in atmosphere. The art is fantastic.

The very first zone (pre-town) could do with a bit more "gameplay" to it - the stage it sets doesn't clue the player in to the idea that the game is more than pretty pictures alone. Having some sort of useless pick-up-able (a piece of crumpled-up paper??? Something that forshadows a later important character?)  would probably fix that. (You have a preexisting reputation for quality work, which prevents this somewhat, but from a creator who's less well-known people might set down the game there assuming it's a walking sim, and people who were expecting a walk-and-talk sim will get confused when there's actual gameplay.)

few of the setpieces (for example, the three faceless people/women(?) in the last of the promo shots) feel like they should have a little more interactivity/respond to advancement of gameplay in some way and do not, and it's not always clear what objects are interactable and what are not, which left me wishing for filler dialogue, even if it was relatively generic ("a desk", "a table", "a chair", etc.) 

Onto things that were dictated by platform limitations:

Character walksprite animates too slow, makes it look like she's gliding everywhere. (This is one of those "tiny detail, big impact" type things to check on when you're working with an engine that lets you control it, which GB Studio, afaik..... does not.)

Item menus are nice, and I found myself missing them a little.

The 4-color aesthetic is fantastic for this, a perfect fit for that lo-fi horror vibe, and that you were able to make the areas visually distinct beyond just subject matter is... A+, good art. However, I think the game could be improved without inherently altering any of the pixelwork if it were re-rendered in an engine that lets you switch between sets of colors between, even with very, very subtle changes in hsv between the different zones.

Audio: GB Studio has some ridiculous standards for what you can put into it, and between that and, y'know, the huge time-sink of actually composing tracks (hahaaaa, I've programmed a whole unpublished game and stalled out there.....), it's obvious why you didn't add it for a proof-of-concept. 

If, at some point, you decide to revisit and tweak this game concept in an engine that supports sane audio formats: tracks that are just subtle bg noises (as appropriate for the zone) + faint noise (different varieties from white/pink/etc and pitches in different areas) plus perhaps chords fading in and out would fulfill that "hey, this feels like there should be sound" need without taking ridiculously long to put together. (I would probably fade them out for the closeup shots to give them emphasis, but that's ultimately an artistic choice)

An idea, from me to you:

This game is a perfect size and level of complexity to port to other engines as a learning tool, and I, as a consumer, would love to see you do that, just to see what changes you make! 

There's a temptation to make a whole new proof-of-concept game every time you test a new engine... don't do it. Better to do something fast and a little sloppy with a net of interactions you already understand before you're actually trying to program a new thing "from scratch."

Platforms to consider:

  • yo, someone who isn't kadabura, buy kadabura an RPGMaker MV key next time it's on sale. RPGMaker kinda sucks, but it also has all the capacities of GBMaker minus some of the limitations, so you can choose what limitations you want to set.
  • PM me and I can give you a copy of the installer for the old, free version of Gamemaker.
  • is overfeatured, but an introduction to somewhat more complicated programming without being wildly awful for beginners

ANYWAY, 10/10 amazing proof of concept with awesome art, a sweet story, and compelling characters. Can't wait to see what you do next!


I remember seeing your art on tumblr, keep up the good work!

question, are you gonna make any more games? i've seen something with these characters, a bee demon? two beings named Cherish and Perish? something about scrying??? i don't know, what i DO know is that i fucking love this game, i love the surreal feeling, i love the design, i love the art, i love the story, its all so good!! a perfect blend of darkness, surrealism, macabre and juuuust challenging enough that it keeps you thinking but not hard enough for you to quit (if you do, you always come back). i n e e d more of your games please!! maybe something downloadable so i can keep it on hand constantly, i dunno. sorry for commenting here btw, i dunno how to message on your profile or PM you (then again i'm very new)

This was a really nice play, it had an Undertale vibe with the upbeat ending. I think the pixel art in specific was really well-done, especially during the final sequence. Great work, excited to see more games from you.


This game was very good.  it's not at all what I was expecting.  I liked how almost nothing in this game was out to get you.  You were all trying to work together in this cosmic horror game, and I think it all came together very well.  Thanks for making such an awesome game!  

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help, for some reason the nervous soul won't take the damn void flower no matter what i've tried; refreshing the page, going back and forth, not talking to anyone except the nervous soul and then directly to the girl to get the flower and then directly back, doing it before i did the ring quest, doing it after, it doesn't matter and it doesn't change. i can't progress because of this

The void flower is meant for a soul later on in the game, not the nervous one in the beginning ;) Keep going until you find a soul that wishes they felt pretty!

how odd
the guide said to offer the flower to the nervous soul in the first frames of darkness
alright! thank you!

Very cool game. I got stuck at collecting teeth. Made a video here: 

This was really great, thank you so much for making this and sharing it with us. As someone with depression this game spoke a lot to me. I really liked the theme of hope and moving forward despite everything. Not just the messages but also the detail and quality of the art made it super immersive. I can tell this project means a lot to you and it means a lot to us too. Thank you again for sharing

This game really is great.  It really speaks to that inner critic we all have, and how true depression can hinder progress.  

I almost cried at the end. lol

This game was absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for creating it. It's right up my alley as someone who's very into the psychological horror type of stuff, and the lessons that it taught didn't feel like a lecture but rather like a positive reminder. Like learning without realizing you're learning.

Good job, and good luck on future projects! If they're all as endearing and gripping as this one, you have a great future ahead of you. :)

Like it. Nice work! Colour palette is pretty cool.

WoW !!!

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I was thoroughly engrossed all the way through!! From the gorgeous sprite work to the charming dialogue, I loved it every second I was playing it! I am so glad I took the time to play this game! <3 Thank you so much for this experience.

That said, there was one bug that hit me. On my second playthrough, all of my dialogue/quest checks were already activated from my previous playthru, and it wasn't a problem until I got up to the literal last dialogue section with The Grim. I was stuck in that room and talking to them wouldn't pull up any dialogue. I doubt this was intentional. I think you can recreate this bug by just re-entering the game as soon as you get to the title screen again! I hope this helps!

edit: I just went and replayed all of it. The little bonus conversation at the end was definitely worth it TvT


Thanks for playing! Also woops, it completely slipped my mind that people would immediately go back into the game without a refresh :,,) My b, it's been updated so that you should have a fresh game when you hit the title screen!


Given the series a Lets Play - Adding music that I at least feel give it some more life, though wish it came with music and SFX itself to add more immersion, hope it all syncs good and its enjoyable.

This was an amazing and beautiful game. The art for everything is beautiful and the story is so well done? and honestly when I started getting to the end I started crying. I didn't know I needed a game like this to remind me I'm strong enough  but it did. it also made me want to help ever being I ran into and relies perceptions on whats scary isn't everything. A lot of these characters looked scary but they weren't. Anyway I had been wishing to find an amazing game I could play in a day and I found something even better than that. I found an amazing story about helping others and the strength inside and  honestly I wanna play it again now lol.

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I dropped everything I was doing to play this and didn't stop playing until I got through the whole thing. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the characters and their designs had me either in awe or going nopenopenopenope (in a good way).  Drunken sailor dude was a personal fave. This has inspired me to try and make my own game, like I was into it the whole way through.

Also I'm absolutely in love with The Seeker and would like to thank you for the ability to wear his hat because that's what I wanted to do from the moment I got it.

Are there any plans to post the .gb ROM file any time soon? This looks interesting; however, I prefer to use my own emulators. Neat art style, BTW!


This was so beautiful! From the story to the beautiful characters, I just fell in love with this. I loved the fact that there wasn't any combat, just you exploring the void and all the different characters. I also found it hilarious to look through the bins/garbage just to see what witty comment I would get back. Overall a very fun and wonderful game, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

wow wow what a beautiful game! missed some of the side quests but that's the perfect excuse to play it again and try to get the best ending. absolutely love it!!

wow! i missed the bees sidequest on my first playthrough but i loved the game so much i want to play through it again with the guide to get the best best ending!!! i love this game a whole lot!!!

I played without the guide. This game is amazing, surprising, and most of all i found myself in there. I even let out some tears during my play, when i successfully helped the lost souls that i could releate to. I love the difference between all the scenes, the characters, their stories, their own space. I still have one information about the game i couldn't use during my walkthrough even if i completed all the tasks in the museum. Keep going, it moved me to tears

please make more games like this this was really good. The story was superb not many games have a good story one that can latch on to you. You set up a world that fascinated me and the art of the game is stunning. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next whether it's something based around this sort of universe you've set up or if it's totally different I'm sure it'll be epic. I'll make sure to follow you and play whatever comes next :)


This is a genuinely amazing game. The art is absolutely gorgeous across the entire game, from the overworld to the dialog screens. I also can't help but adore the messages that each of the characters tries to teach you, and how memorable everyone is, and how much I cared for them by the end of the game. (Especially the Seeker, he was my favorite and seeing what he went through just made me feel bad for him.) The sidequests really helped with that, although I missed the one with the ring the first time around which was annoying. But otherwise I love everything about this.

Also, can you also upload the Game Boy ROM so that I or someone else could play this outside of the browser? Thanks.

Really enjoying this game so far!! The mythos you've created is fascinating, and I like the characters you've conceptualized. I can't wait to finish the game!

Unfortunately, at some point, I stopped getting the option to pick things up even after the dialogue suggests that I may. I'm not sure if this is the same dialogue bug you mentioned, but just in case, I wanted to let you know.


This game captures the feel of spooky or disturbing, yet curious and interesting Rpgs. The characters have still some liking towards them, the worldbuilding and palette works hand in hand (haha get it). Over all very very great! Love it


What a great game! Reminds me a little bit of OFF, which is one of my favorite games of all time. In my opinion, the game really excels in character building. I adored the characters, each felt very distinct and special. Even though the world was pretty creepy I was never scared! And that underlying theme of depression yet surviving through I did miss a few things, like I couldn't find anything to give the tree that wanted to be pretty, but I got most of them. Hopefully that doesn't affect the ending too much! I also got the item from the trash can, haha. Not sure what that did, but it was very funny. Overall, this is a fantastic game.


My expectations were completely blown out of the water. The sprites, dialogue, game play and overall message was just astounding for such a small project. This hits home so much and it was such a pleasure getting to experience this. Beautifully done and executed and the word about this will absolutely be spread.


there's so much love in this game, so much character, and even the lack of music is a feature; it really lets every bit of dialogue just really hit you. this was an amazing story that really hit home for me, and i'm absolutely grateful to have been able to experience it. cried my eyes out. thank you so much for making this.


This was phenomenal. Playing this through to the end was such a catharsis - I felt like some of the deep stuff I'd never gotten the chance to articulate and process was lifted off of me. This is an incredibly moving game.

And I'm obsessed with the visual style here, too... this game is gorgeous. The art style used here is perfect for the medium - seeing these disconcerting creatures rendered in pixel in this limited palette is really stunning.

Incredible game and I'm grateful to have played it. Thank you for making this. 


Okokok, I had to make an account to post this comment.

This is really amazing!! Normally I'm not very good with kind of creepy horror stuff but this was really cool. I loved being able to take my time and talk to literally every NPC I came across. I loved the art, the story, the characters, everything! Not gonna lie, I almost cried a few times (The only reason I didn't was because I had to get dinner which gave me a break to chill for a bit)

Unfortunately, I started playing before the mediator for the bug was added and I ended up wandering around for what felt like forever trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with the starving soul. But a quick speedrun after refreshing my game got me back to where I was. I didn't have to take super long to talk to everyone I came across again so it wasn't that big of a deal. 

All in all, this was an absolutely incredible game. Easily up there among my favorites. I really hope you keep making games (If that's your jam) but even if you don't, this one was still amazing!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for making this.

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