Soul Void is a short, 1-3 hour experience made in the style of a gameboy-era game. Explore the odd landscapes of the void, help lost souls you find along the way, and face your inner demons  as you attempt to find a way home.  [Made with GB Studio.] [OST here!]

Keyboard / Handheld controls:

WASD / Arrows - move

E / A Button - Interact

Q / Start - settings

REDUX UPDATE ( 06/28/23)

The Redux update is now live! Enjoy playing through Soul Void with a brand new coat of paint and several QoL improvements. This update includes:

  • An OST
  • Retouched or fully-updated graphics/color palettes
  • A save system
  • Easier to read font and dialogue boxes
  • Movement speed options, easier backtracking, and helpful cheats
  • New and updated NPCs/dialogue/quests
  • Adjustments to map layouts
  • A downloadable ROM for gameboy hardware
  • And many more secrets to discover!


- When loading a save file, the area's music may not play. This can be fixed by hitting a new sound cue (exiting/entering the screen is the fastest way.)

- Sometimes a moving actor may vanish when it intersects with the camera movement at the wrong time. They'll come back with a screen change.

- I don't know if the blank dialogue soft lock still exists and I'm terrified of its ever-looming presence. If this happens, try refreshing the page and reloading a save.

- If the game boots to a black screen while using Chrome, please enable third party cookies for or this game's url specifically, or consider using a different browser to play!

- Keyboard movement and inputs are case-sensitive (make sure caps lock is off!)

(If you ever find yourself stuck, I've written a guide here that will hopefully be of use! (NOTE: It's a bit out of date, seeing as how it was written for Soul Void's original release, but may still prove helpful!))

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(763 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags2D, Creepy, Exploration, free, Game Boy, gb-studio, Horror, Pixel Art, Surreal
Average sessionA few hours


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I am seriously stupid so I apologise if this is obvious but what are folk using to play this?

I used a Game Boy emulator.

That works?!? huh I gotta get me one o those then...

One of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. Compelling story, visually beautiful and simply amazing. I loved every second I spent in this game

AHH 10/10 LOVED IT SO MUCH!! The art is so gorgeous and when I finally realized the meaning of the game my mind was blown!??! Played this instead of listening in class and WOULD replay to do it all over again

// spoilers \\

ocd factory was my wakeup call.. after talking to a few of the workers i was like "wait..?!??!"

im yet to finish the experience because i like to poke around in all the little corners and i absolutely love it so far! the designs, the dialogue, the easter eggs are all wonderful and this is slowly becoming one of the best game experiences, especially horror rpgs, i've had in a long long time

as a side note, i cant help but wonder - is author a magnus archives fan by any chance...? a lot of the things seem like a nod to it (like the circus with no-face people, general eye/flesh direction etc). extremely cool if so, same hat!!

Dude the ending almost made me cry this was so flipping good im suprised it was free really great game it was never too boring or too frustrating i would pay any amount of money to play if there was a part 2 or somthing keep doing what ur doin


very Undertale esque but like way more bitter sweet. I cried and then laughed and then cried and it was a special thing


dude the visuals are amazing!! this game is so bittersweet...i look forward to more from you!

We loved this game so much! Thank you for making it! 


amazing game, it made my day, ill be thinking about this all week no


Wonderful game, I loved it so much.

(1 edit) (+2)

egreat game 10/10. reminds me of undertale


This was a really fabulous game to play through thank you very much for making it, love that there's so many great Easter eggs :) CJU in the toilet ;') 

and I beg your pardon, but there is always time to check the trash :D 

omg, this game is sooo cool, it reminds me of yume nikki


I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this experience. Everything was so well put together. The story, the characters, the settings, everything about this game was just amazing. I was completely immersed the entire time. Thank you for bestowing this piece of art to the public, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


haven't finished playing yet but, is one of the quotes by the sprite in one of the houses in the town "you've met a terrible fate, haven't you?" a reference to legend of zelda majora's mask mask salesman?!?!


really beautiful and meaningful little indie game. wore its inspirations on its sleeve while still managing to maintain a very strong sense of its own identity. pulled off the red/green palette without ever calling christmas to mind which i think is an achievement. and as someone with ocd i really appreciate the factory segment


Very cute game and I love the humor and creatures ♡


That was perfect


loved this


wow, loved it! the narrative is just so so great!




Love the aesthetics!


This goes right on my EZ flash. I want to play it all the time


really love this game, it honestly made me cry during a section and had to take a break have way through. still playing but i also have to praise the art!! tried downloading the game but i couldnt get it work sadly (after extracting idk which file to open and sadly not able to open most of them :( but still great game so far) also not for everyone but i like the dialouge all the npc have and stuff, makes it feel much more like a grand world thats alive and moving even without you in it.

Tbh.. I can see why people would like this but its just not for me.. stopped after a while coz theres not much to do.. cant really snoop around or engage with anything. At least for me, it gets very repetitive soon, maybe thats the point. but its very beautiful to look at. 

Awwwwwww, i love it <


I'm surprised Jacksepticeye hasn't played this yet. I feel like it's something he'd enjoy

Absolutely love this game, was the void chicken in the beginning a Stardew valley Easter egg? i thought that was cool lol


Просто потрясающе! Это не игра -- это искусство! Столько разных эмоций вызвать это надо уметь. Весьма глубокая игра. 


Абсолютно согласен ,а более всего мне нравится то,что эта игра идёт абсолютно на всех консолях китайского производства.

Хах, да. Эта игра меня и подтолкнула на покупку портативки. :)

Я вот что ещё добавлю ,я установил эту игру на x 7 console и обалдел от того ,как кайфово играть. Сама консоль является тихим ужасом и кошмаром для программистов ,до сих пор они не могут понять на какой платформе она работает,то ли это Орандж пай 1 то ли Орандж пай 2 . Теряются в догадках ,а я просто ловлю кайф от игры!

Вот да. Сам попробовал на PlayGo. После мобильного эмулятора высшее удовольствие прям. И да, тоже на кривой операционной системке. :))

Факт заключается в том, что от кривой операционной системы появляется некое состояние ожидания чуда. Почему? Объясню! Кажется ,что с ней ,если включить мозговые извилины, можно сделать все что угодно , даже Виндоус 89 можно установить ( кстати ,на консоли х7 пошел) и это несмотря на ту смешную цену ,которую эта консоль стоит. Конечно ,искать приходится много Рома ,но это того стоит. Конечно,я согласен насчёт Playgo , действительно не то ,что хочется видеть. Но, все таки ,консоль ,есть консоль ,хоть даже она и китайская ересь. 

Вот хотел вас вот ещё о чем спросить,вы как относитесь к Mame games 1988-1999 годов? Я блин , тридцати однолетний дебил просто подсел на Gameboy  и Mame games.

Но,я думал ,что я - один такой , оказалось нет. Есть ещё один у меня знакомый ,так он вообще врач в больнице ,так играет не только в  Gameboy и Mame games, но ещё и в NES. В общем ,веселые ,мы ребята ,с головой совсем не дружим.


Honestly when i came down here and saw everyone talking about how much this game affected them i didn't believe it. However, after having played thru it in about 2 hours and having been on the verge of tears like 3 times (more like well past the verge but oh well TwT) i can whole heartedly say that i will never recommend a game more than i will this. I swear to u this is gonna be sent to the whole friend group just so they understand the JOURNEY this game truly is. /gen please, don't do what i almost did and skip out on the emotional rollercoaster of a life time because the beginning felt a little slow. its so worth it and i dont think i can convey with words how much this story means to me now.


I absolutely agree with you,sir . This game got some incredible context which I have never seen before,this storyline made me to think about my life differently than I thought about it in past . Absolutely amazing philosophical plot, this game reminded me about Plato's state,by the way, this is very interesting book . So , I surely can say ,what the developers of this game are philosophers!


i can't really describe what this game did to me, but well... thank you so much for letting me play it, even tho i know damn well that i'll play it again and again. I'll return here one day, that's for sure. Thank you for this game, reallly.


I can't begin to describe how wonderful this game is. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for making it. Thanks for fighting through the darkness. The world is so much better with you in it. <3

Sincerely, a fan forever.


is it possible to draw with the sketchyard artist? i really want to


this was so lovely!! the character design is amazing
unsettling when it needs to be and just lighthearted to balance it out when it calls for 🥰
thank you so much for including a browser version (its the only way i can play a lot of these games ;w;) 


Awesome, awesome game. Your art style is KILLER, I couldn't get enough of walking around in the game and staring at all the creatures and environments.


I had to pause my game to comment this, and while I absolutely would love to write a full review of how great this game is so far, I have to say that as someone with OCD I have never felt more seen in my entire life than I do by the clock souls. The one that has to retrace its steps until it feels right, the one who talks about how anxiety inducing it is to STOP doing these mundane tasks, that it's almost too much to bear. I have never seen such an accurate representation of OCD and in its own way getting to destroy the factory is very freeing.


i am so glad that i found this game when i did. this is now one of my favorites.

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Haha, fitting that there are 666 ratings as of now. Love it so far <3


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