Soul Void is a short, 1-2 hour experience made as a proof of concept to test out GB Studio. It's a pretty easy, straight-forward game. Please enjoy :)


  • Arrow Keys / WASD to move
  • Z / J to interact.

(If you ever find yourself stuck, I've written a guide here that will hopefully be of use!)

NOTE: Due to my own technical limitations, Soul Void does not have any music. Please feel free to put on your favorite lo-fi chill ambient noises to get spooky to, or really whatever floats your boat.


  • There may be a slight audio pop when starting the game/switching tabs.
  • When talking to NPCs, there's a very rare chance that free-roaming actors may break their boundaries and wander off screen. Let them be free; they'll come back with a scene change.
  • Due to positioning, NPCs might pop over the dialogue box. They won't impede your ability to read however; they just want a little extra attention.
  • Dialogue Box Bug 10/18/19 -- Unfortunately, months later, I still haven't been able to replicate the yes/no glitch on my end, nor have found a common causality between those experiencing it / any reason why it's happening within the game's code. At this point in time, I can only suggest closing the game and refreshing the itchio page, or trying a different browser (both of which are less than ideal solutions, I understand wholeheartedly). Though this seems to have only affected a small portion of players, I apologize sincerely to anyone who's experienced the interruption in their gameplay.


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Disturbing at times, but I loved the story. It actually made me tear up to see these lost souls get some relief :)

Thank you for this absolutely beautiful little expirience. I fell in love to your art and characters and felt really in touch with the world of inner insaity.

I just made an accout to tell you how much I loved this game. It was amazing to start to finish, please continue making more content! Your work is marvelous!!!

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i dont know why  but after playing this game i just felt this huge sense of relief like ✨🖤✨🤧

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I will be recommending this game. You are an artist.

Just few nitpicks:

It's always at my fingertips...
but I can never hold onto it.
Happiness... Peace...
Why. Can't. I. HAVE THEM?!

That one piece of dialogue should have perhaps been broken down between two separate NPC characters.

Besides, is it not intuitive something should actually happen to the NPC, whose existential status has changed? For example, if they wanted something and they got it - therefore... y'know, they are psychosomatic to an utmost degree, perhaps to the point of shapeshifting - as proven later - or even beyond. Perhaps even to the point of death.

But I speculate you did not want to burden the protagonist with the notion of having made an impact, before time.

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Really great game!

Sometimes creepy (the mouth portals or the blood caves), often emotional but also great exploration gameplay (which I very much like). I don't remember where I got the link from just recently (on looking it up, it was Rock Paper Shotgun:, but that was a hell of a good experience.


I love this game! The art is really nice and I liked the undertale and  yume nikki references

oh no, i got the yes/no glitch at the last door ):


This was absolutely FANTASTIC.

Looks like yes/no choices are still broken/broken again.  Is there a workaround for this?


What A Freaking Incredible Game. WOW. Just perfect. 


I just finished it. Despite the lack of music, i greatly appreciated it. I couldn't help but relate to the Husk VERY HARD, and finishing his side quest made me tear up. i greatly appreciated that, thank you.

All in all, great game! :D


Played it through, really liked the artstyle, specially the bigger sprites.

literally created this account just to ask for a sequel or update OR ANY THING! Please Kada Bura, I need more from this universe! Maybe something to do with the seeker? Thanks!

Interesting game. I wasn't quite sure what the point was. I walked around and talked to some entities. I found a ring and returned it. That's about it.

Go into the dark.

I played it through. It was a nice experience :)


I played this game from beginning to end without stopping because IT IS THAT GOOD <3<3<3

I love everything about it! ^^ SO awesome!

Oh, and the music I listenned the whole game to was "A nostalgic dream" by Peter Grundy :)

Have a nice day!


just wanted to post the music i listened to while playing, its such a perfect fit:

this game is absolutely gorgeous, I loved it <3


This was amazing! It was so heartfelt, and the ending (I went Best route) nearly had me in tears. Excellent work!

What a fantastically atmospheric game

I made an account just to comment that this was an absolutely wonderful experience, just what I needed in these rough times. 

Even without sound this game keeps its atmosphere perfectly throughout the experience and what an experience it was. The hour it took to run through flew by and I'd do it over again if I could. Thanks a bunch for making this game, I can tell you worked real hard on it and I had a great time playing it.

love this game, one of my favourite games ever

This is a truly wonderful healing experience. the dialogue is honest, earnest and heartfelt! your anxieties and humanity as a player feel valued and understood, and at one point even the ominous atmosphere dissipates into something that feels entirely empathetic? i love it, i really do.

Hi!!! Will there be a DMG Rom available? Id really wanna get this as an ~~analogue~~ experience

Really well made little game :3 Truly enjoyed it.

Played it on my channel ~

rly rly good game.  love the husk, love the seeker, love the waiting, even love the grim. keep up the good work!


This game hit me so hard. Emotionally and physically with me mashing z to skip dialogue for my speed runs when I did something wrong ;) This game was so well made and actually was so heartfelt. And when you get the "best" ending, it's so sweet! LikE yESS?!?!

I might have some minor feelings for The Seeker when he asked to touch my shoulder ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). But for real, with how creepy it was in some parts then so sweet it made my heart burst- keep stirring that like oml. Keep up the good work!!


When flash player goes down next year in Dec does that mean no browser games will be playable. 


Only web browser games that require it. But no, when flash goes down Browser games on will still be playable.

Such an interesting experience, great atmosphere. I used this as the background music:, it felt really good for some reason.


hey I wanted to try playing this because it seem really cool but, this font is really not dyslexia friendly. Reading was just to hard and I couldn't get further than five minutes, so for future games you might want to look into that.

Kadabura, is this game entirely your creation?  Artwork too?


The art, writing, and mostly-functional scripting were all done by my hand, yes! A few details were inspired by my twitch chat (like the player being able to wear the hat, for example), but there wasn't any team beyond myself working on Soul Void!


Fuck... I really didn't know what to think of this at first. I didn't know if I wanted to continue but I did. And I'm very glad that I did. Please, if you have the time, play this game. I'm a very emotional person so this made me cry haha. that's the music I used about an hour into the game through the end, and this what I used for the beginning. 


I wish I could give this 5 stars a hundred times over. This was beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Hi there! I'm playing the game through a second time to get the best ending, and I'm trying to go back to give the Bee Teeth Dude his bees, but every time I head through the vine gate it just sends me right back to Blood Town. Is this a glitch or am I self-sabotaging, or is there something I need to do first? The first play-through I assumed it was so I couldn't turn back, but now that I'm looking at the walkthrough I'm wondering HOW I'm supposed to turn back if it's impossible?

The vine gate will always send you to the blood area! When you leave the blood cave and pop out of the vine gate, keep going down; that'll take you back to the mouth maze ;)

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hey! i've been enjoying this so far - really love the art & the aesthetic!! great job!!! -  but i've run into a couple of issues.

i think the yes/no box blanked out for the void flower behind the museum so i can't pick it up, & same for the yes/no for going in the vein tube, so i can't use that either. 
also, i did pick up the seeker's hat, but the npc at the beginning of the nice field says i don't have the hat. 

if it helps, i'm playing in chrome on windows 10! 

Thanks and also Im sorry you ran into trouble! I've updated the game so that the second void flower, the vein tube, and even speed runner sam for the comment below no longer require the yes/no dialogue option.

And that also blows my theory that the yes/no bug was a mac-only issue; Im absolutely tearing my hair out trying to figure out why it's happening lol. Thank you for your report!

(The hat one tho is the first Ive heard of it, unfortunately. The best I can currently offer is trying again on a fresh game, if you feel up for it.)

Hi, unfortunately I can't really progress past the mouth maze, I tried to look at some video lets plays, and I seem to be missing the dialogue options :( I can't ask for a tooth nor agree to speedrunner sam's deal.

oh no, Im really sorry to hear that! I'm guessing it was the yes/no dialogue box that blanked out? I'm still not sure what's causing that to happen, but if you could let me know what OS/browser you were playing in, I'd appreciate it (I've yet to be able to reproduce this bug myself, which is making it quite difficult to fix haha)

oh, I'm sorry for the late reply! I was using google chrome, hope it helps. I'll try to play the game again on a different browser when I have time, because I enjoyed it very much! thank you for your amazing work!


This was amazing! For anyone wanting to try GB Studio I make tutorials..

I just had a few questions about the program and was wondering if you know...

Does GBStudio allow your player to do mini actions such as Jumping, Shooting lasers, Swiping swords, and changing appearance/transforming? I wasn’t sure if the events within GBStudio allow for the Player to do this due to me being so new to it. 


You can transform (change sprite sheet) very easily but the other stuff is harder.  Its not meant for making a game like Zelda. But there are plenty of fun games you can make. 

The script that displays before I play, does this show the full game? It seems much different than what I expected. I could prolly find a work around to have my character fight, but I can’t figure out the source to do so? 

Also, does the game allow you to walk through bushes sorta like Pokemon does? Like... it hides your character and tumbles the bushes around a little.

Hey Peter, I saw your pixelart on Twitter and love it!

We're a group of developers for ChronoCraft(TimeTravel MMO-RPG) soon to release for alpha. Here's some of our work:

We're looking for an artist to make skins and textures. I want your talent at ChronoCraft.

This would be a for-profit project. I would love to speak with you


The art is amazing in this game. Love the details. Love the aesthetic. Love the Husk

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