Soul Void is a short, 1-2 hour experience made as a proof of concept to test out GB Studio. It's a pretty easy, straight-forward game. Please enjoy :)


  • Arrow Keys / WASD to move
  • Z / J to interact.

(If you ever find yourself stuck, I've written a guide here that will hopefully be of use!)

NOTE: Due to my own technical limitations, Soul Void does not have any music. Please feel free to put on your favorite lo-fi chill ambient noises to get spooky to, or really whatever floats your boat.


  • There may be a slight audio pop when starting the game/switching tabs.
  • When talking to NPCs, there's a very rare chance that free-roaming actors may break their boundaries and wander off screen. Let them be free; they'll come back with a scene change.
  • Due to positioning, NPCs might pop over the dialogue box. They won't impede your ability to read however; they just want a little extra attention.
  • Dialogue Box Bug 10/18/19 -- Unfortunately, months later, I still haven't been able to replicate the yes/no glitch on my end, nor have found a common causality between those experiencing it / any reason why it's happening within the game's code. At this point in time, I can only suggest closing the game and refreshing the itchio page, or trying a different browser (both of which are less than ideal solutions, I understand wholeheartedly). Though this seems to have only affected a small portion of players, I apologize sincerely to anyone who's experienced the interruption in their gameplay.
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags2D, Exploration, free, gb-studio, Horror, Pixel Art, Surreal
Average sessionA few hours


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Could i do some Fan art to this i really love it. 

If not that's okay to. I just show my appreciation to the the hole game. 

oh. my. GOD. This game- Holy moly- So good!! let me tell you this actually brought tears to my eyes. The Seeker?! And I don't know why but the Waiting has some special place in my heart. Just wanted to give him a hug. Honestly just wanted to give everyone in the game a hug. Even the Grim. 
Anyway just wanted to say that I really really loved the story and everything about this game! <3

No sound???

Hello there, how can I download the .gb file to play in my original gameboy? Thanks :)

this game is absolutely gorgeous! i loved everything about it- the art, the story, the morals- thanks for making this stellar game :) 


It would be great to place the ROM for download on here and actually be able to play it on the official hardware. Besides that, this was amazing!

so beautiful


thank you.

Fantastic game, very reminscient of a lot of my favourite RPG Maker classics but with a gameboy twist. I can't even begin to pick my favourite moment because the art is genuinely so beautiful, and the story was really good. Really fantastic, shame that the game doesn't have any music or sfx, but I honestly still recommend it without it.
If you want to hear any more, I covered it in a recent video

The game has a great story and beautiful visuals to go along with it  :]


Can I please PLEASE PLEASE marry The Seeker? When he introduces himself every time I play this game what I'm guessing is his chest is very distracting because I can't tell if he has a shirt on or not but other then that he looks fine af [ even hurt ] and I get the energy that he could pin me to the wall with one hand if he wanted too..... I also love the fact that we can wear his hat if we say yes to the lost soul asking about the hat stuff

Very good game! :-)

Analogue Pocket version?

If a version is not added here, you can always put a request in for a .pocket conversion patch.  Use the "Wishing Well" link on this page:

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so so beautiful! is there any chance to download this game as a rom file to play it in a handheld device?

This is incredible. Absolutely insane visuals, with an just as insane and creative story accompanying it. Plus, it's MASSIVE. I've spent probably two hours playing, and there's still a lot left.

Well done.

Man. Absolutely loved this game, it was beautiful and had a great story :D

Such a wonderful and fun game!


It would be nice if I could download the rom so I could play on my phone.

just played this game in full and had the best time doing so... check out the video here!


First played this game about 1 year ago, maybe a little longer than that! This is a masterpiece. It’s artistically attractive and rich plot wise. Thank you so much, Kadabura, for making a game that, at the time of playing it, revived my hope in amazing games! :)

Pretty awesome game! Haven't played much of it(yet) but the art style is beautiful!


I absolutely ADORED this game. It is a tiny masterpiece and you should be incredibly proud of it.

When are we gonna get another one from you???

You rule at this. Keep up the great work!


Already posted a comment, but I can't go without saying the character design is amazing!!!

I love everything about this and how it makes you feel, I kept tearing up all the time. It is a work of art, thank you for the experience <3


Would you please release the ROM for this..? I would love to play this on real hardware..

This game is an absolute gem. I'm currently working on a let's play video for it so that it can get more attention and hopefully more people will play it.


Please Put out the .gb file!

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It's pretty unbelievable that the rom isn't yet available for those of us who want to play on real hardware, especially with all the press.


my fav on itch


maybe its because im soft but i cried and  teared up more times than i could count while playing this game, it's become one of my favorites. the character designs were amazing and so was the story. this game means so much to me i will be replaying it if only just to interact with everyone again.

i love this game's story!

fucking beautiful.

oh this was absolutely terrific !! the art is gorgeous, and the character designs are incredible. i felt for every creature and lost soul we encountered—i felt how much they just wanted to be safe. the story and the overall message is really very sweet. this actually reminded me of undertale a lot !! which is the highest of compliments i could give. thank you for sharing this game with us xx

Simply wonderful!

Loved the art direction, and loved getting lost in the game. Literally. I eventually found my way of course. 

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This game was beautiful and it made me tear up some. Thank you for creating such a lovely game, I just discovered your content, and I am in love with your art and character designs! My favorite character was the cyclops guy with the glowing eye. he was a real one <3

I would like to support you with music

it's great. i liked the game

I absolutely adored this game it was so good T^T


Amazing game. If there was music and sound effects built into the game it would be a banger, that's for sure! <3

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