Soul Void is a short, 1-2 hour experience made as a proof of concept to test out GB Studio. It's a pretty easy, straight-forward game. Please enjoy :)


  • Arrow Keys / WASD to move
  • Z / J to interact.

(If you ever find yourself stuck, I've written a guide here that will hopefully be of use!)

NOTE: Due to my own technical limitations, Soul Void does not have any music. Please feel free to put on your favorite lo-fi chill ambient noises to get spooky to, or really whatever floats your boat.


  • There may be a slight audio pop when starting the game/switching tabs.
  • When talking to NPCs, there's a very rare chance that free-roaming actors may break their boundaries and wander off screen. Let them be free; they'll come back with a scene change.
  • Due to positioning, NPCs might pop over the dialogue box. They won't impede your ability to read however; they just want a little extra attention.
  • Dialogue Box Bug 10/18/19 -- Unfortunately, months later, I still haven't been able to replicate the yes/no glitch on my end, nor have found a common causality between those experiencing it / any reason why it's happening within the game's code. At this point in time, I can only suggest closing the game and refreshing the itchio page, or trying a different browser (both of which are less than ideal solutions, I understand wholeheartedly). Though this seems to have only affected a small portion of players, I apologize sincerely to anyone who's experienced the interruption in their gameplay.


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I just finished playing through this game, and i love it so much! the art and color palette is gorgeous, and the way you represented anxiety, depression, etc. was really relatable, especially the Husk and their creative struggle (as an artist myself). I also got pretty attached to the Seeker and learning how he died tugged at some heartstrings ;-;. I'll definitely play through this again (and maybe try helping all the characters i can)! Thank you so much for this amazing experience <33


amazing the art is so cool and beautiful and loved the characters this was so sweet and it really gave me the feels at times so worth playing 

Absolutely beautiful game, exactly what I was looking for! The art-style is somehow creepy and enduring at the same time, I really really loved it. Keep up the good work!

Beautiful game with beautiful artwork. I'm someone who struggles with chronic depression and can only function with medication because i'm not neurotypical, so I really appreciate this. I'd love a long LoZ-depth type version.

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OMG, dude!!!

This was soo deeeeeeeeeeep. I got immersed and completed without going to the restroom... lol.

The artwork and story was superb!

The game flow was nice, and I never felt stuck.


dude this game was soo deep and dark. i absolutely loved it!

I believe I asked a bit back but has anyone found any good music for this to use in YouTube videos. I've found it hard to find any music that is suitable for this game. I would really appreciate some help :)


I searched for "dark ambient music" on Youtube, and this was what I ended up settling on. It really helped bring the game to life for me!

is it free to use in YouTube videos ?


Is this playable on original hardware?  If so how can I obtain it?

profound and emotional, i loved it. thank u for sharing

its been a while since i replayed this and i still fucking love it!! something to note though, is that the teethstalk when i tried to go back after cutting the arteries, with bees in hand, wouldn't let me go back to the teeth portion of the void, just kept sending me back into the guts which to my knowledge of the last time i played isn't supposed to happen since i'm supposed to be able to go back and give the teeth dude the bees, though i dunno how common this is. it didn't impede my progress too much, frankly, just something to be aware of!

Great game

omg. this is just amazing, i love the thought that has gone into this game and the art. thank you very much for making this game. <3<3<3

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This was a very nice experience. I ended up really caring about all the weird little characters I met and managed to find all of the exhibits in the museum except the last screen character. Not sure what I missed there. Gonna have to come back for that one. I hope you'll make a downloadable version of this eventually so I can add it to my collection of games to play offline, but for now I'll keep this page bookmarked so I can play it again later. 

i have so many words and so many feelings going through me right now but the most i can say right now is: thank you. please keep doing you, this was inspirational as hell and an absolute dream to play. thank you thank you thank you for giving us this beyond amazing experience

any recommended free to use lo-fi music to use if making videos on this game ?

This  game is brilliant in every possible way. The section with the Husk artist really go to me and was wonderfully written. I absolutely love this game!


I just created an account to comment on your amazing work. 2-ish hours incredibly well spent. Can't believe all the emotions I've been through during gameplay. Thank you very much for your effort!

i love this!! 

especially the snarky trash cans :D :D

This game was awesome to play!! Your art is incredible! Whether you keep working on this game or move on to other ventures I humbly request that you keep making!! Your stuff is great!

hoi! I wanna try this game out but when I try to "run game" it loads & just says "please rotate 🔁" ?

do you play on cellphone?


you can install the application "rotation control" and lock the rotation


this game is incredible, the art and creepy aesthetic is truly beautiful. i love the messages of fighting through self doubt and depression in the game. excellent job!!

Is it possible to play on a cellphone?( samsung galaxy j7 prime, to be specific), when i try it says to rotate, but the screm does it automatically whem i tap to run, and also, nothing happens when i rotate the phone, even though the screen flips.


This looks so nice, you make the art yourself?

This was so, so good. All the aesthetic of the surreal, lost place in between was exactly my cup of tea, and this was beautiful to play through!

loved it. Was totally enthralled with it. The art is fantastic. Great job!!! 


Downloadable version?


Hey, would there be a way to make a download version?, i would like to play this on a Portable emulator, (bittboy), if i have one, some day.

Wow this game is really awsome!

The art is beautiful as well uwu

Amazing, thank you for that!


This is a beautiful game. I was completely immersed in a way that I did not expect, and the message resonates with me as well. Thank you for making this. 


I did not expect to enjoy this little game as much as I did. As someone who is dealing with anxiety/depression and trying to learn how to cope with my own personal demons, the theme of this game really hit home for me.  It's so important to remember to keep on fighting, even when things get bad again and again, and I thought this game portrayed that beautifully. I also loved the design of this game, very creepy and fitting. I really enjoyed this, 5 stars! :)


Love this game and the story that it told!

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Hoi! I like the look of this game but can't get it to get past a initial screen saying I need to rotate my screen? It appears compatible with my Motorola but nothing happens even after I rotate my screen....odd. ..

So what could be the reason? 


incredibly unbelievably epic. i was enthralled and i loved the writing and themes and art and the lot of it!! i listened to these two for any one looking for music to listen to while playing and i found they fit really really well

I absolutely loved this game. The art style, the atmosphere (despite the lack of music,) the story, all of it is just great in my opinion. Definitely one of the best games I've decided to play lately.


The art style is simply amazing! I cannot stress how impressed I am with this art style. Wish it had sound.


This was a great game I love your art thank you!


this game is extremely epic

I enjoyed this a lot! I hope you keep making games because this one was definitely a winner. I loved being able to wear the Seeker's hat for the second half of the game.


Nice work :) any plans to release the rom? would love to load it on a cart and play on the real gameboy

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