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This game was beautiful and it made me tear up some. Thank you for creating such a lovely game, I just discovered your content, and I am in love with your art and character designs! My favorite character was the cyclops guy with the glowing eye. he was a real one <3

I would like to support you with music

it's great. i liked the game

I absolutely adored this game it was so good T^T

Amazing game. If there was music and sound effects built into the game it would be a banger, that's for sure! <3

Great game! I would love to make the music for a game like this


Wow the best 2 hours of my life spent


Ahhhh beautiful game!! For some reason, I didn't meet The Leech and The Waiting on my way back, but that's okay. Beautiful game!! 


I played this the month it came out and have not stopped thinking about it ever since. Literally one of the best games I've ever played, and the candle I hold other games to to compare

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Lol, it's been a year since I've played this, and I just wanted to say that my previous comment did not come close to giving this game the praise it deserves.  I understand a whole lot more, and therefore have enjoyed it a whole lot more.

This is one of the best games I have ever played - the atmosphere is just right and the difficulty is on-point. I love how much personality the characters have and the artwork.

Thank you.

Thank you for this beautiful experience.

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Kadabura, this is such a gorgeous game. I had high expectations seeing the graphics and still was pleasantly surprised because the world building and lore is paced and told just perfectly to put the pieces together.  I have not yet played it through but are planing to do so because I really want to know how it ends. Absolutely lovely work. Will there be more, maybe a sequel? 


This game is fantastic: the story line is easy to follow and where to go is clear. It's not too challenging but not too easy- it has an interesting plot and creative characters, not to mention the amazing character designs. 9/10 from me!

great game

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Awesome game about afterlife and souls,very philosophical also i really liked characters and graphic,characters are drawn very good, also each has interesting dialogues and character,I especially liked main evil character and Seeker.  it took about 3-4 hours for me to finished that game,i dont know if there is many endings,but i guess i had good one.

This is great, loved it thanks

This is really, really cool! I do plan on playing through the whole game, it's so intriguing! I hope the music and sound effects I added fit the vision you had for the game!

I'm going to need to play through again to meet the wall monster >.>

I love all the details in the game >u<

Parabéns pelo jogo, muito emocionante.

Congratulations on the game, very touching.

this is the best game Ive ever played

Absolutely loved this game. Great character design and amazing story. Keep it up!!

I really liked the surrealism of it all. Very cool art. It was fun. 

yo i don't know how long it's been since i've played this game, but i think about it constantly. This is hands-down, one of the best games i have ever played. so i just wanted to leave this comment here to remind anyone who sees it how genuinely incredible this game is.

i created this account solely to say that this game is singlehandedly one of my favorite, if not my favorite, pixel (horror) game(s). i fell in love with the art style, and namely fell in love with deuteragonist, the seeker ! he's actually my favorite character, and his few appearances were such a comfort to me ! keep up the amazing work, and i hope this will get more popular in the months to come !

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Oh my! This Game is so Awesome! Thank You!

P.S.: By the way, I found this Music playlist to be the most fitting for the Atmosphere. :-)

My new favorite adventure game! The art was just beautiful and so was the story line and dialogue. buzz buzz buzz!

got really personal and i related alot but i think i needed this, it helped. 1000/10 amazing game and im in love with the art. hope to see more games from you !! ^^

Lovely game; the only thing was that the sound didn't work for me at all (Firefox browser, Windows 7)

there is no sounds, at all

I loved this game keep making so good games like that


this tbh is th best adventure and puzzle game

had to stop playing after  while, it resonate with me almost too much. beautiful

i really enjoyed playing this!! the concept is wonderful and touching and the execution was absolutely brilliant.

This game is incredible. I genuinely cannot believe that it was made by one person in a non-large game engine. The atmosphere, the art, everything, seriously, this is a masterpiece.


awesome game. The whole concept was very unnerving. I really loved the art style too.  My favorite part was near the end when the Grim's face kept changing. Also... Seeker is best boi. 10/10 game

brilliant game, a good substitute for those who miss the good ol' days of Frisk, Sans and Flowey. while i did want some undertale-pokemon style role-play combat (which i assume were also your inspirations) with The Grim, i loved it nevertheless. didn't expect it to be this good in a browser, but it's pretty damn sick

Loved the game. I've  played about an hour thus far and this game is very cool and surreal . I am honestly surprised that something this big can be don in a browser!


Any chance of getting a ROM download so I can play this on real hardware?


Bro this game is so beautiful in everything, the story, the art, the characters, i love this game so much.

Amazing. The dialogue, the art, the music, all of it is just amazing. This game really captures what mental illness is like for many and does it so beautifully. Keep up the good work. 


the game is great but what do you mean by the music?


This game should be linked in depression pamphlets at clinics. It's art but it's also public service for real life lost souls.



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