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Downloadable version?


Hey, would there be a way to make a download version?, i would like to play this on a Portable emulator, (bittboy), if i have one, some day.

Wow this game is really awsome!

The art is beautiful as well uwu

Amazing, thank you for that!


This is a beautiful game. I was completely immersed in a way that I did not expect, and the message resonates with me as well. Thank you for making this. 


I did not expect to enjoy this little game as much as I did. As someone who is dealing with anxiety/depression and trying to learn how to cope with my own personal demons, the theme of this game really hit home for me.  It's so important to remember to keep on fighting, even when things get bad again and again, and I thought this game portrayed that beautifully. I also loved the design of this game, very creepy and fitting. I really enjoyed this, 5 stars! :)


Love this game and the story that it told!

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Hoi! I like the look of this game but can't get it to get past a initial screen saying I need to rotate my screen? It appears compatible with my Motorola but nothing happens even after I rotate my screen....odd. ..

So what could be the reason? 


incredibly unbelievably epic. i was enthralled and i loved the writing and themes and art and the lot of it!! i listened to these two for any one looking for music to listen to while playing and i found they fit really really well

I absolutely loved this game. The art style, the atmosphere (despite the lack of music,) the story, all of it is just great in my opinion. Definitely one of the best games I've decided to play lately.


The art style is simply amazing! I cannot stress how impressed I am with this art style. Wish it had sound.


This was a great game I love your art thank you!


this game is extremely epic

I enjoyed this a lot! I hope you keep making games because this one was definitely a winner. I loved being able to wear the Seeker's hat for the second half of the game.


Nice work :) any plans to release the rom? would love to load it on a cart and play on the real gameboy

that was an awesome beautiful game thx for making it

i really gotta say, the artwork for the background of the settings was really cool

this game is incredible, I encourage you to do more with it, or at least release a version with music. The characters are memorable, and the theme of the game is amazingly beautiful. I love it so much.

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I really don't know where to start. This game was incredbile. The story, the cool game-boy graphics style. Just needed a little bit of music and it would have been perfect. 9/10

Well done and I hope to see more from you really soon!

Awesome game!
I would really like to play this on my Gameboy. Are you planning to release a rom of that? That would be great :-)
I'm looking forward for more games like this!

Got stuck when a moving spider walked into the grid I was walking on possibly on the same frame. Now can't get out and spider won't move as well. I think this was near the end of the game as well. 

Absolutely amazing.

This game was absolutely incredible! The art was so nice and appealing, and it was really well written. I was very intrigued by the story and characters, and… it addressed a lot of topics (I may have gotten choked up once or twice…) which I and many others have struggled with. It may have been only a few hours long, but I couldn't stop playing once I started. I really hope to see more amazing things from you in the future :) Thank you for making this.

I'm so glad I decided to play this game! At first I wasn't sure what to do but continued and became immersed in it. The game really hit home with the concept of oneself and how to overcome difficulties.

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Well... Im sad thats its over but Im so glad I played it! I just found the creator on tumblr a few days ago and saw they had a game. It was amazing! I may have cried once. Beautiful art and storyline! Ill be telling all my friends to play it!

I absolutely fell in love with this game and felt all of the inspirations. I felt so vulnerable yet open to the situation I was in. I felt this character's soul and although the game was short, I loved every minute of it. I was instantly placed and enjoyed it without question. Words of self esteem and art really got to me. I felt ready to move forward.

It's instantly in my top favorites, up there with the skeletons and the non-copyright red and white balls ;3

Thank you. I was really inspired by your work.

It has great symbolism, and I loved the concept of the game. People these days share the same fate as the lost souls have, and I hope they find their light, or better yet, create their own light.


Fantastic experience! I didn't expect it could get as genuinely creepy as it did and unnerve me. It touches on a lot of my own mental health issues which made it all the more effective.

Hey there, love the game but I've noticed a bug.  After you place the 3 keys and try to open the door,  the game prompts you with a yes/no.  if you say no, you are able to walk up "over" the door and wall off the top of the screen, but once there you can't get back down, your sprite is just gone and the game is basically frozen.  I got stuck there so I'm going to restart and try and get a few of the trophies I missed anyway, now that I know that's a thing.  Other than that I love the art style and atmosphere.  Threw on a few of the more unsettling tracks from the Oneshot soundtrack and it goes along great!  I could definitely see this being fleshed out a little more and released as a full paid game.

oh woops, I see what happened there --  I forgot to put a trigger to move the player away from the door if they said no, guess that totally slipped my mind :,D Patched that in so it won't happen to anyone else; thanks for letting me know!


Disturbing at times, but I loved the story. It actually made me tear up to see these lost souls get some relief :)

Thank you for this absolutely beautiful little expirience. I fell in love to your art and characters and felt really in touch with the world of inner insaity.

I just made an accout to tell you how much I loved this game. It was amazing to start to finish, please continue making more content! Your work is marvelous!!!

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i dont know why  but after playing this game i just felt this huge sense of relief like ✨🖤✨🤧

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I will be recommending this game. You are an artist.

Just few nitpicks:

It's always at my fingertips...
but I can never hold onto it.
Happiness... Peace...
Why. Can't. I. HAVE THEM?!

That one piece of dialogue should have perhaps been broken down between two separate NPC characters.

Besides, is it not intuitive something should actually happen to the NPC, whose existential status has changed? For example, if they wanted something and they got it - therefore... y'know, they are psychosomatic to an utmost degree, perhaps to the point of shapeshifting - as proven later - or even beyond. Perhaps even to the point of death.

But I speculate you did not want to burden the protagonist with the notion of having made an impact, before time.

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Really great game!

Sometimes creepy (the mouth portals or the blood caves), often emotional but also great exploration gameplay (which I very much like). I don't remember where I got the link from just recently (on looking it up, it was Rock Paper Shotgun:, but that was a hell of a good experience.


I love this game! The art is really nice and I liked the undertale and  yume nikki references

oh no, i got the yes/no glitch at the last door ):


This was absolutely FANTASTIC.

Looks like yes/no choices are still broken/broken again.  Is there a workaround for this?

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